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    We provide high-grade, novel and anti-counterfeiting packaging and printing substrates for the production of various daily necessities packaging boxes and packaging bags such as sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, health products, cosmetics, clothing, Christmas cards, books and envelopes, and electronic products.

    • Toothpaste packaging
    • Cosmetic packaging
    • Alcohol packaging
    • Health care packaging

    Zhongshan Zhongqiao Paper Co., Ltd. set up in August, 1998, is a professional and leading company providing paper material for top grade printing and packaging. Our main products include various aluminium foil and metalized film laminated paper, laser film laminated paper, pearl coating paper, embossing paper etc., which are basic printing and packaging materials for high-rank, ...

    • Four notes for cigarette printing with laser jams

      In China, one of the top grades of cigarettes is reflected in the packaging of cigarettes. This article intends to make an analysis of the current status of the domestic cigarette pack printing proces...

    • Basic knowledge of pearl paper

      With the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers are trying hard to improve the function and quality of their products, and on the other hand, improve the packaging quality of their prod...

    • What is a composite paper?

      Composite paper is laminated with paper, paperboard and other plastics, aluminum foil, cloth, etc. with an adhesive to obtain a composite processed paper. Composite processing paper can not only impro...


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